На Удокане завершено строительство водозабора и водопроводных сооружений
18 January 2023

Udokan saw completion of construction of water-intake facility and waterworks

Udokan Plant saw a completion of construction of the water-intake facility of 10 thous. M3/day capacity at Ingamakit groundwater deposit, as well as its waterworks.

As was mentioned by Mr. Alexey Yaschuk, General Director of Udokan Copper, before too long an integrated testing and commissioning will start for the entire water supply system. According to him, the first of the three water-intakes will ensure the supply of production and potable water to Udokan Plant. The first water-intake for 10 thousand cubic meters per day will become a water supply source in particular for the Concentrator Plant, the Camp, the Boiler, the Service Center, and the Admin Building.

According to the design documentation, water-intakes of 10, 20 and 40 thousand m3/day are envisioned to supply water to the Plant. The first water-intake facility includes 4 artesian wells (3 running, 1 back-up), 4 overland pavilions, a pump station, a control room, 4 rainfall and domestic water retaining tanks, a transformer substation of 10/0.4 kW. The water quality complies with the hygienic requirements to centralized potable water systems. Leaving the water-intake, it will be pumped via two water pipelines, each 530 mm in diameter.

The ore processing design is set out to use a circulating water supply system, which means a re-use of the water resources. The operation of Ingamakit deposit is designed to exclude depletion of groundwater resources by using no more than 10 % of all reserves.