«Удоканская медь» внедрила платформу цифровых сервисов для адаптации и обучения персонала
17 June 2021

Udokan Copper implements digital services platform for staff adaptation and training

Udokan Copper (a part of the USM diversified group of companies) has implemented advanced digital solutions for personnel adaptation, training, and internal communications, Vladislav Gromchenko, HR Director of Udokan Copper, reported at the HR forum held by the Vedomosti daily on June 17, 2021, in Moscow.

The executive stressed the introduction of an digital HR platform sped up and promoted the adaptation of new employees, created a single network for communication and personnel development in the company. The need to implement the platform is determined, among other things, by the expansion of the company’s staff, which will total 1,753 people within 2021, and should reach 2,500 employees after the launch of the Udokan mining and metallurgical plant currently under construction.

Today, the mobile corporate portal covers 100% of the personnel, including rotation workers. The system facilitates the implementation of new employees’ adaptation and staff training programs, provides internal communications, and helps to boost employee engagement with a variety of incentives and benefits using gamification features, among other things. Besides, the mobile portal also includes modules for employee performance review, competency assessment, and personnel development.

As part of the digital HR platform, the company is introducing the SmartWay ticket booking service to enable rotation workers to purchase railway and air tickets from their place of residence to the pickup point through the corporate mobile application, agree on the arrival dates and the cost of tickets within the set limits.

The system will completely automate the collection of primary reporting documents since the service provides data on business trips in electronic form in line with the Russian tax code requirements and can be easily integrated with 1C: ERP.

Smartway will help HR managers spend less time registering arrivals and departures of rotation workers.

The chatbot, deployed as part of the digital platform, will also help improve HR management. It will automate and speed up the handling of routine requests submitted to the HR office, including the issue of employment certificates, holiday and day off applications, as well as reports on the beginning and remainder of vacations, shift schedules, etc.

“The introduction of the digital HR platform will allow the company, already during the construction and launch of the Udokan mining and metallurgical plant, within the first, and in the upcoming second phase of the project, to streamline personnel management and staff development,” Vladislav Gromchenko stressed.