Baikal Mining Company Completed Construction of Power Transmission Line Towers for Udokan MMP Power Supply

High-voltage power transmission line shall stretch for 22 kilometers from Chara settlement up to the construction site of Udokan Full-Cycle Mining and Metallurgical Plant.


More than 2 tons of waste was removed from the town beach at Lake Kenon as part of “Water of Russia” campaign

The Ministry of Natural Resources of Zabaikalye, non-profit-making organizations and regional operator Oleron+ acted as arrangers of the event. Waste clearing at the coast of Lake Kenon was held in the format of environmental quest “Clean Games”.


Renaissance Heavy Industries became a General Contractor for construction of the Udokan MMP Process Plant

Baikal Mining Company (BMC) signed a Contract Agreement with Renaissance Heavy Industries for construction of «Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant (Phase 1) with the annual capacity of 12 MMT of ore. Process Plant».


Natalya Obukhova, a primary school teacher, won the “Multifarious Udokan” creativity competition

The participants aged between 7 and 20 presented 45 works for the competition. Artists in words, fine and applied arts showed multifacetedness of Udokan from different sides. The competition included several categories: «Geologist is not a profession but a calling», «I want to be a miner», «Udokan horizons».


For the first time in 30 years reindeers registration commenced in 16 Evenki reindeer farms in the north of Zabaykalie

Kalarsky District of Zabaykalsky Krai numbers 16 reindeer farms with different forms of ownership today. Reindeer herders mainly live separately significantly far from each other. Gevan is rightfully considered to be the largest community – they inhabit Chapo-Ologo land – Amudisa natural landmark, there are about 2,500 animals in the Evenki farm.


Foundation Construction for the Concentrator Started at Udokan MMP Construction Site

So far, excavation for foundations of the concentrator and reagent preparation building have been completed at site. Works on foundation mattresses are under way, reinforcement for concrete pouring has begun.