BMC and Human Capital Assets Development Agency in the Far East Sign a Partnership Agreement

The subject of agreement is cooperation with a view to provide Baikal Mining Company planning to ramp up Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant to full design capacity by 2022 with human resources.


Udokan Natural Monument and Ingamakit Wildlife Preserve to be Established in Zabaikalye with Assistance of BMC LLC

The area of the projected wildlife preserve is of prime importance for preservation and restoration of natural complexes, habitats of rare and endangered plant and animal species of Verkhnecharskaya depression and foothills of Udokan ridge.


FGC UES Starts Construction of Power Supply Facilities for Udokan, Largest Copper Deposit in Russia

FGC UES (Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, Rosseti group) commenced the upgrade of 220 kV Chara substation in the north of Zabaikalye region. The power facility will be expanded to handle 50 MW for Baikal Mining Company (BMC), operator of the largest in Russia and third largest undeveloped copper deposit globally.


Yury Ryabov gave an interview to Chita.Ru

Yury Ryabov: “The Evenkies told – Work!”


Over 600 Students from Chita Universities Learned about the Progress of Udokan Deposit Development

HR Director of Baikal Mining Company, Olga Litvinova, delivered a series of lectures to students and teachers of Mining Faculty of Zabaikalye State University, Chita Polytechnic College and M. I. Agoshkov Zabaikalye Mining College in the period from 26th to 28th of February.


Baikal Mining Company starts construction of power facilities for Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant

Baikal Mining Company signed contracts for the construction of main power infrastructure facilities for Udokan MMP. According to the documents, PMK Sibiri LLC shall perform work package to build 220/35/10 kV substation for Udokan MMP, and ESK Energomost LLC shall construct 220 kV Chara - Udokan MMP high-voltage line. Both contracts are executed on a turn-key basis.