Udokan Copper Begins Cold Tests of Equipment

On 30 March, testing was successfully completed on the main equipment – the electric motor of the gyratory crusher – in the coarse crusher building of the Udokan mining and smelting plant under construction.


MegaFon deploys Private LTE network at Udokan MMP

At the request of Udokan Copper, MegaFon has designed and built an industrial wireless LTE (pLTE, Private LTE) network of six base stations and set up redundant communication channels at the Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant. The infrastructure provides coverage across the whole site with both 4G and Private LTE.


At Udokan, the Сonstruction of a Heated Warehouse near the Railway Base Has Been Completed

One of the most important facilities, a warm storage, has been erected at the transport and storage complex of Udokan MMP, which is under construction. It is designed for storage of finished products and uninterrupted supply of the enterprise with the necessary raw materials and equipment. Currently, installation of the utilities and finishing works are being carried out at the facility.


Over 3 million tonnes of ore extracted from Udokan copper deposit

More than 3 million tonnes of copper ore have already been mined from the western pit of the Udokan copper deposit, in Russia’s Trans-Baikal Region.


Udokan saw completion of construction of water-intake facility and waterworks

Udokan Plant saw a completion of construction of the water-intake facility of 10 thous. M3/day capacity at Ingamakit groundwater deposit, as well as its waterworks.


Decision Made on Appointing Alexey Yaschuk CEO of Udokan Copper

Shareholders of Udokan Copper have decided to appoint Alexey Yaschuk, who has been the head of the Operations Directorate as the First Deputy CEO up to now, the CEO of the company.