A customs infrastructure is has been established in Novaya Chara village to receive foreign equipment arriving at Udokan

The Novaya Chara railway station in Kalarsky region of Zabaikalye has received a permanent customs controlled area. A respective order was signed by customs colonel Konstantin Starodubtsev, Head of Chita Customs Office. At the same time, a temporary customs warehouse has been erected at Udokan site to house 600 containers.


Construction of Substation and Overhead Line Started for Metallurgical Plant Supply

Baikal Mining Company started construction of an infrastructure required to supply power to Udokan Mining & Metallurgical Plant during its operation. In particular, a 220kV substation “Bluzhdayuschy” of 146MW will be erected in close vicinity to the production area. Grading and levelling works have already been started at the construction site.


Udokan saw a start of Concentrator steel structures installation

On the same trip were Alexander Osipov, Governor of Zabaikalye Region, Valery Kazikaev, Chair of the Board of Directors of Baikal Mining Company, and German Mironov, its General Director.


Infectious Disease Ward of the Central District Hospital under Construction in Chara (Kalar District)

Infectious disease module with overall area up to 1,200 m2 is under construction in the territory of Kalar district central hospital. Construction is performed based on prefabricated modules enabling to complete the works before the end of summer.


The “Chara” Airport renovation project was positively reported by State Appraisal

The design estimate documentation of the airport renovation project was developed earlier and handed over to Zabaikalye Region. The project provides for reconstruction of the runway, taxiways ramp. It also includes equipment of the airfield with an airway lightning system with low-intensity lights in two landing directions to ensure its round-the-clock operating.


Day of Zabaikalye Region in Kalar District Marked by Celebration of Evenki Holiday

A theatrical festival of Evenki culture was celebrated on March 1, 2020 in Kyust-Kemda settlement at Lyuksugun lake as part of the Day of Reindeer Breeder.