Александр Осипов: «Строительство ГМК "Удокан" - большой толчок для развития севера Забайкалья и всего региона»
29 April 2019

Alexander Osipov: “Construction of Udokan MMP is a Great Stimulus for the Development of North Zabaikalye and Region as a Whole

Currently Baikal Mining Company is performing vertical planning of the construction site for the concentrator and hydrometallurgical plant of the future Udokan complex.

Machinery was mobilized, drilling and blasting operations as well as excavations started at the construction site. The whole range of required machinery and equipment was delivered to the construction site: 2 drill rigs, excavator, 7 dump trucks, 4 bulldozers. A camp for the workers and areas for temporary storage of the machinery, fuel and lube and equipment repair were arranged at the construction site.

The works shall be completed in October 2019.

Construction of power infrastructure will be completed in November: substation intended for operation at low temperatures and Chara - Udokan MMP high-voltage power line 220kV.

15 out of 96 towers have already been built for the line that will extend for 22 km.

Besides, by the start of construction of the buildings of the concentrator and hydrometallurgical plant an access road from Novaya Chara station to the Mining and Metallurgical Plant site will be built by November 2019.

The works are carried out in accordance with the project execution schedule, by the end of 2019 construction of the motor road and power line will be completed and structural steel erection will begin.