Более 600 студентов читинских вузов ознакомились с ходом освоения Удоканского месторождения
01 March 2019

Over 600 Students from Chita Universities Learned about the Progress of Udokan Deposit Development

HR Director of Baikal Mining Company, Olga Litvinova, delivered a series of lectures to students and teachers of Mining Faculty of Zabaikalye State University, Chita Polytechnic College and M. I. Agoshkov Zabaikalye Mining College in the period from 26th to 28th of February.

Olga Litvinova informed the attendees about the history of discovery and study of the Udokan copper deposit, geological characteristics, ore body structure, about the progress of mining and metallurgical plant construction and the main design solutions. 

According to her, the company headcount exceeded 300 already by the end of 2018. There will be up to 500 employees working on construction of Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant by the end of 2019 and over 2,000 in 2022 when the commercial operations start.

The most sought-after specialists are mining engineers, civil engineers, process specialists, beneficiation and metallurgical engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers, geologists and surveyors.

Baikal Mining Company and the educational establishments are arranging joint work to ensure availability of skilled staff for the plant. As Ms. Litvinova mentioned, over many years of studies BMC together with leading Russian and international companies has developed a unique flowsheet with flotation and hydrometallurgical processing of the ores comprising bulk and sulphide flotation, leaching, solvents extraction and electrowinning.

Udokan plant is going to be the first operation in Russia using these technologies. This technology’s specific feature is that it allows processing ore with high process values notwithstanding ore quality and degree of oxidation. The plant will produce copper cathodes of the highest quality class and sulphide copper concentrate grading at least 45%. The high quality of the products makes them very competitive in the market.

To recall, in late 2018 Baikal Mining Company signed a cooperation agreement with Zabaikalye State University and M. I. Agoshkov Zabaikalye Mining College that is planned as the framework for BMC and educational institutions to provide skilled staff for the mining industry of Zabaikalye Region.