Развитие социальной сферы Забайкалья - приоритет в работе БГК
29 四月份 2019

BMC to Support Social and Economic Development of Kalar District in Zabaikalye

The document was signed in the course of the visit of the acting Governor of Zabaikalye Alexander Osipov to the construction site of Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant. The document was signed by Alexander Osipov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Baikal Mining Company Valery Kazikaev and Head of Kalar District of Zabaikalye Pavel Romanov.

Under the Agreement Baikal Mining Company undertakes to perform activities to improve the quality of life of Kalar District population; preserve primordial living environment, traditional lifestyle and cultural values of the Evenkis (indigenous population of the region).

The Agreement provides for BMC`s participation in the implementation of investment programs and social and economic development projects of Kalar district and Zabaikalye as a whole; creation of jobs for the population and maximum utilization of local labour resources during Udokan copper project development; arrangement of vocational training and retraining of the population for the purpose of engaging it in the works relating to the deposit development.

Besides, as part of the Agreement, BMC commits to introduce state-of-the-art technologies into mineral mining and processing and minimize negative impact on the environment.

Baikal Mining Company has implemented a number of activities on social support of schools, hospitals, kindergartens since 2010. The volume of financial support has exceeded RUR 400 mn.